Journal of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine

The Journal of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine is a peer-reviewed medical journal, dedicated to exploring the multifaceted and multi-disciplined world of medicine.  Throughout history the pioneers of medicine have often initially been held to scorn and rejection.  Over time, many of these pioneers have been proven right.  What we do know is that the medicine of today will not be the medicine of tomorrow.  JCIM will endeavor to bring the medicine of tomorrow to today through the thoughtful words, practices, and research of today's most advanced thought leaders.

C. Norman Shealy, MD, PhD is the Editor-in-Chief of JCIM, a renowned thought leader and innovator in his own right, he leads the distinguished Editorial Board including:

David Brownstein, MD

Nooshin Darvish, ND, FICT 

Alan R. Gaby, MD

Garry Gordon, MD, DO

Martha Herbert, MD, PhD

Quila Rider, PhD

Sherry Rogers, MD

Stephen Sinatra, MD

Jonathan Wright, MD

Bob Dennis, PhD


Please submit articles (click here for author guidelines) for consideration to  Please submit any and all articles for consideration. If the review board does not accept your article for publication in JCIM, we will publish it online with your byline in our Member Communities with editorial approval.