Heart and Soul - A Cardiologist’s Perspective on NDE

Presented by: Stephen Sinatra MD

The subject of the near death experience (NDE) has been thoroughlydiscussed in numerous best-selling books within the last three decades with the advent of Dr. Raymond Moody’s blockbuster book, Life After Life in 1975. People are fascinated when they hear about near-death experiences and the return of friends or loved ones who seemingly died and then returned back to life. In this presentation, I will describe the similarities (98%) of experiences, and how Dzreturneesdz from the other side come back and bring with them lessons or messages gleaned from beyond. They involve learning to let go of fear, of having faith, that everything is energy, that we create our own physical toxicity on Earth by our actions, that we need to take care of our body, that our thoughts are powerful, that we have guardian angels, and that life’s purpose is living through the heart and radiating love. I will share what I learned from writing, researching, and reliving the experiences of patients who returned from death with new outlooks in life. In addition, Dzthe deathing experiencedz will be explored.

Goals and Objectives:

  1. Review some of the writings about near-death experiences
  2. Investigate the similarities of the near-death experience
  3. Learn the components of "The deathing experience".