How to Properly Handle Mold Issues In Your Home

Presented by: Wendy Michaelis MAC


Webinar Description:

Mold is everywhere... but if you think it’s growing in your home, you may have reason for concern. I have often found many misconceptions in regard to the proper handling of mold issues. “How bad is it really, is it safe or do I need to move?”, ”How much is this going to cost me?”, “How do I know it’s all gone?” All of which are questions I’m asked all the time as an Indoor Air Quality and Mold Professional. So, let’s set the record straight, cut through the mold and get straight to how to get ri d of it and it’s health affecting toxins. Mold is not as scary if you know what to do, who to call and how to make sure that everything was addressed properly. We will discuss all the details so you can reach your goal of restoring a clean and safe spac e for your family

Webinar Primary Objectives:

  1. Set the Record Straight - The most common misconceptions of how to handle mold problems
  2. How to identify good and knowledgeable Mold Professionals
  3. After the dust is clear - is it really clean? How to make sure