Resonant Energy Transfer for Pain Control & Sleep

Presented by: Steve Haltiwanger MD

This lecture reviews how the use of infrared absorbing organic stereoisomers contained in non-transdermal patches that are worn on the skin can produce photobiomodulation and resonant frequencies that control pain, improve sleep, increase energy and increase antioxidant levels in the body. Chiral molecules are used because certain types of organic chiral nanostructures are optically active and have photophysical properties. When patches containing organic chiral nanocrystals are placed on the surface of the skin, the nanocrystals absorb radiation from the body and emit light primarily in the infrared spectra back into the body. The small nanometer size crystals exhibit dielectric spectroscopic properties both of light absorption and light emission. Frequency modulation of the body’s oscillating electromagnetic field provides the capability of using the body’s own energy field as both a power source and a carrier wave for information; much like a radio station frequency modulates a radio signal with voice information. Application over acupuncture points increases skin conduction and stimulation of acupuncture meridians without needles. Changes occur in the balance of the autonomic nervous system and thermal shifts occur in inflamed areas of the body providing cooling and pain relieving effects within 5 minutes.