The Brain Gauge: New Technology for Assessing Brain Health

Presented by: Mark Tommerdahl PhD


Webinar Description:

The Brain Gauge is a neurosensory assessmen t tool that combines state - of - the - art technology with decades of neuroscience research to probe specific mechanisms of brain function and generate a profile of brain health for an individual. The seminar will introduce the Brain Gauge, the science behind it and describe how it can be used to track recovery of a patient and/or assess treatment efficacy. The Brain Gauge has been used across a wide spectrum of areas of neurological research including neurotrauma (e.g., concussion), developmental disorders (s uch as autism, ADHD, and OCD), degenerative disorders (such as Parkinson’s and aging), pharmacological insult (e.g., alcoholism and substance abuse) and pain

Webinar Primary Objectives:

  1. Introduction of the Brain Gauge
  2. To demonstrate how metrics of sensory percept can be obtained and used to detect changes in brain health
  3. To demonstrate how metrics obtained with the Brain Gauge are altered with different neurological disorders