The Gut/Brain/Kidney Continuum

Presented by: Zach Bush MD

The importance of the gut microbiota to human health is one of the fastest growing areas of scientific study and discovery; we are clearly not alone when it comes to human health and disease. However, little attention has been paid in the current medical literature to the impact of environmental factors on the microbiome within the nature around us, and the evidence of the rapid impact these environmental threats have had on human health. The unexpected connections between the gut, kidneys and endocrine systems, and their reliance on the microbiome has major implications in neurochemistry and intracellular hydration to affect longevity and quality of life. From neurologic degenerative conditions, to metabolic disorders, to cancer, the epidemics of chronic disease are lining up for a single root cause at the gut/brain interface – this lecture will bring these new insights to the listeners and provide concrete steps to address these root causes of diseases in your clinic to affect radical health changes in your patients. .