Webinar: Multi-Symptom Multi-Microbe Inflammation

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Webinar: Multi-Symptom Multi-Microbe Inflammation

William Lee Cowden, MD, MD(H)

Many people today are chronically ill with multiple symptoms. Many of the symptoms are caused by inflammation in the affected tissues/organs. Inflammation is most commonly caused by the immune system’s response to microbes and/or toxins. In most cases, there are various toxins and various microbes in an individual, each contributing to the multiple symptoms of chronic illness. Microbes commonly contributing to chronic illness in an individual are viruses, fungi, parasites, mycoplasma, borrelia and other spirochetal bacteria, bartonella, rickettsia, chlamydia, etc. Since pharmaceutical antibiotics have a relatively narrow spectrum of action against such a diversity of microbes, other treatment options would be preferable. Dr. Cowden will discuss some effective treatment options from his experience and from the experience of other practitioners. The take-home message from this webinar is that there is hope for people with severe, multi-symptom illness.

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