Webinar: Neurological Lyme Disease: Borrelia and Co-infections

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Do you have headaches, dizziness, ear ringing, blurred vision, poor coordination, weakness, numbness, brain fog, forgetfulness, neuropathy pain, seizures, or other neurological symptoms? Borreliosis or Lyme disease is a great imitator, mimicking more than 350 illnesses, including a long list of neurological conditions like these. Borreliosis is usually accompanied by a variety of other microbial co-infections that also contribute to symptoms. Blood tests for Borrelia are often falsely negative, making it very difficult to diagnose. Borrelia and co-infections can be transmitted by various routes in addition to tick bites and Borrelia has the ability to pleomorph (change shapes), especially in response to antibiotic exposure, thus becoming resistant to treatment. A predominantly herbal natural treatment program was developed in the USA for Borrelia patients who had failed pharmaceutical antibiotic therapy. Richard Horowitz, MD of New York reported at the 2007 ILADS conference in the USA that more than 70% of his patients with Borreliosis and co-infections who had failed antibiotic therapy improved markedly on this natural herbal treatment program. Dr. Carsten Nicolaus in Germany in 2012 found that 80% of his chronic Borreliosis patients with co-infections markedly improved on that herbal and nutrient program (the Cowden Support Program). Borrelia has been proven by Dr. Miklossy to cause brain inflammation and dementia. It appears that Chronic Cerebro-Spinal Venous Insufficiency may also be caused by Borrelia and/or co-infections and may be present not only in multiple sclerosis patients but also in chronic Lyme Borreliosis patients. A research protocol and a novel treatment approach will be discussed that may answer these possibilities.

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