Gut/Brain Health, Tight Junctions & a new Paradigm for Membrane Integrity & Cell-Cell Communication

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  1. Define a new science of gut/brain health
  2. Establish the relationship of our food environment to these critical barrier systems in our body
  3. Equip participants with practical methods to radically change patient health
Synopsis:  Zach Bush, MD demonstrates the unifying science behind the devastating changes in the food, farming and medical industries, and introduces the breakthrough science of bacteria and their communication with the body's defense systems.  The industrial storm of the last 70 years has left the human gut and immune systems vulnerable to injury.  Two synergistic toxins in our food and water systems have exploited this vulnerability, resulting in direct damage to the tight junctions that compose the natural firewalls at the gut/blood and blood/brain barriers.  The correlations between diet, gut bacteria, and autism have been long-recognized. This new science finally delivers the mechanisms behind this relationship. The novel science of bacterial communication is the foundation for a new class of dietary supplements that goes beyond the probiotic, prebiotic and enzyme eras of gut supplementation.  This science offers new avenues for ongoing grassroots changes to big industry to foster a healthy future. 

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