Bringing Sexy Back - Transform the Body You Have into the Body You Want

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Losing excess fat and restoring health in a permanent and painless manner requires a new approach and a new and more empowering perspective starting with a deep understanding and appreciation for the biological purpose behind the body’s inclination to “fatten up”. “Extra fat is biologically meaningful and purposeful and is a survival program that kicks in under certain well defined circumstances and is associated with very specific conflict programs that can be identified and reversed.” Resolve the biological conflicts that underpins obesity and you’ll naturally release the fat. In this webinar Dr. De Wet unlocks the complex interactions between the mind, body and spirit to help you lose weight permanently and give you the body you truly want. Dr. De Wet is the author of a book titled “Heal Thyself: Transform your Life, Transform Your Health” and “Bringing Sexy Back: Transform the Body You Have to the Body You Want”. He hosts a radio show called “Dr Pieter De Wet Live” on toginet.

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