Dr. W. Lee Cowden ZYTO Elite BioSurveys & Training Package

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ZYTO Elite/Select BioSurveys and Training Package includes about 5 hours of online video education produced by W. Lee Cowden, MD, MD(H) and Dr. Cowden's 16,000 additional virtual Library testing items and about 30 additional Cowden Biosurveys. The Zyto Elite comes loaded with about 10,000 testing items and a small number of Biosurveys. Dr. Cowden linked into his proprietary software about 16,000 additional testing items and about 30 additional Biosurveys that allow a practitioner to think like Dr. Cowden thinks about various imbalances in the client. How Dr. Cowden uses these Biosurveys to help clients is described in the several hours of audiovisual teaching/training that is included as part of this online package of products. Once purchased, send an email to support@acimconnect.com to request that ACIM contact Zyto corporation to have the Cowden Biosurveys (and the 16,000 additional testing items) be released to the Zyto license of the package purchaser.

PLEASE NOTE: This product only works with the ZYTO corporation Elite and Select products. Please do not purchase these if you are uncertain of what they are and/or if you don't have the necessary equipment and basic Zyto software to use them. Please contact us at support@acimconnect.com for further information.

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