An Interview with Bill Andrews, Ph.D.

Bill Andrews, Ph.D, was just a young boy when his father planted an idea in his mind. While Bill was standing in his front yard looking through a telescope, his father began to talk with him about his love of science and suggested that perhaps someday he could become a scientist and find a way to reverse aging.

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An Interview with Jennifer Gramith

When those we love face a health crisis it often leads us to look outside of what we have always known and search for better alternatives. For Dr. Jennifer Gramith, that is exactly what brought her to where she is now.

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Interview With Dr. Damon Miller

Very often our path is set in motion long before we even know it. For Dr. Damon Miller, such was the case. As a child he grew up with a grandmother in his life who rarely went to the doctor and was excellent with home remedies. Her enthusiasm for natural living rubbed off on him and he purchased his first medicinal herb book at the age of twelve, with money he had earned mowing lawns. This sparked an interest in health and wellness and he began to consider becoming a doctor.

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