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An Interview with Doug Kaufmann

Often the most unlikely circumstances can lead us to our destiny and for Doug Kaufmann, that may have very well been the case. Drafted out of college in 1968, Kaufmann set out for boot camp in San Diego and spent time in medical training, much like a nurse would go through, and then set out for Vietnam as a hospital corpsman. Kaufmann served from 1970-1971 and then returned home sick, frustrated and needing answers.

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An Interview with Dr. Jerry Tennant

According to an old English proverb “Necessity is the mother of invention” and for Dr. Jerry Tennant, this has proven to be true. A practicing Ophthalmologist with a thriving clinic, Dr. Tennant was forced to close his office in 1995 after contracting three different viruses that settled in his brain. In just a short amount of time, Dr. Tennant had gone from being a vibrant doctor researching and developing laser surgery and ophthalmic plastic/reconstructive surgery, to a very tired and ill man who required 16 hours of sleep a day just to survive.

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