An Interview with Dr. Jerry Tennant


According to an old English proverb “Necessity is the mother of invention” and for Dr. Jerry Tennant, this has proven to be true. A practicing Ophthalmologist with a thriving clinic, Dr. Tennant was forced to close his office in 1995 after contracting three different viruses that settled in his brain. In just a short amount of time, Dr. Tennant had gone from being a vibrant doctor researching and developing laser surgery and ophthalmic plastic/reconstructive surgery, to a very tired and ill man who required 16 hours of sleep a day just to survive.

“I had been involved in the research and development of laser surgery and began to put what we were finding in to practice,” said Tennant. “Unfortunately, in the early phases of the development we didn’t’ realize that the laser wouldn’t kill viruses so after performing surgery on a patient I contracted viruses that settled in my brain and became very ill with Encephalitis.”

After visiting numerous top clinics and physicians across the country looking for help, Dr. Tennant was essentially sent home with no answers and little hope. His brain was exhausted and weak, he had difficulty concentrating and spent most of his time asleep. He would have three to four hours a day that his brain could take in and process information. It was during this time that Dr. Tennant began to realize that if he was going to get better, he would have to do it on his own.

“While I was bedridden I began to think about pH, the voltage of cells and how to make them work. I realized that chronic disease only occurs when you lose the ability to make cells work.” said Tennant. “I purchased numerous cellular biology books and spent the few hours a day that I could think straight on studying, researching, learning and putting the information in to practice on myself.”

Dr. Tennant began to try and understand the body’s electrical system and started to view the various organs in the body as having their own battery packs with the master battery pack being muscles and the fascia around them serving as semi-conductors. He began to understand the pH and voltage of healthy cells, that all cells wear out and that it takes twice as much voltage to make a new one as it did to maintain the old one.

This in-depth time of study not only helped him become well again and open a new practice but it also led him to new modalities in patient care. Now, he applies his knowledge from that time to help people understand the various voltage donors and stealers in the body and how to give cells the best chance to function and repair in healthy ways.

As a featured speaker at the upcoming Practitioner’s Brain Regeneration Conference in Orlando, Dr. Tennant will share how he applies his knowledge to the brain and how to help those who have been diagnosed with neurological diseases. He will discuss how every lobe of the brain has a separate power supply and when that power supply is inadequate for function and regeneration, the brain malfunctions. His points of discussion will include:

  • How all cells require -25mV to function and -50mV to make new cells
  • How brain syndromes almost always have reversed polarity in the power supply to that portion of the brain and how to correct it.
  • How to identify the deficient power supply and make improvements.

For Dr. Tennant, the opportunity to travel and speak at conferences such as this is an opportunity to continue a mission that he believes is God-given.

“While I was stuck in bed for 16 hours a day I told the Heavenly Father ‘If you are finished with me please take me home but if not then teach me what you want me to know.’ Since he gave me the ability to continue to live I believe that I’m on a mission to try and put in to practice what I learned from that time,” said Tennant. “I’m 78 years old and every day I get up and go to work because it is my mission. I believe that nothing happens by accident so there must be someone who will be at this event that needs to hear what I will be speaking about.”

Dr. Tennant graduated from UTSW Medical School in 1964 with an MD degree. He completed an Ophthalmology residency at Parkland Hospital in Dallas and Harvard/Mass Eye/Ear Boston. He developed techniques for same-day cataract surgery saving Medicare millions, was a primary researcher with VISX Excimer laser LASIX surgery and holds multiple patents. He has studied energy/functional medicine and holds a license with the Arizona Board of Homeopathic/Integrated Medicine Examiners MD(H). He created the Tennant Bio-modulator in 2004 to measure cellular voltage and treat the body for pain & chronic diseases and integrates the Tennant Bio-modulator, Bio-transducer, nutritional supplements and hyperbaric medicine in his practice. He is listed among the top 20 Alternative Doctors in America and has authored multiple books on “Healing is Voltage”.

To learn more about how you can hear Dr. Tennant along with other leading integrative practitioners at the upcoming Practitioner’s Brain Regeneration Conference click here.



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