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Dr. Eric Weiss has been a man of service for many years. From serving his country to serving his patients, he takes his job as a physician serious and is constantly striving to bring the best treatment options to his clinical environment. In just a few weeks, Dr. Weiss will share in an ACIM webinar his extensive knowledge about stem cell therapy. From a clinical perspective and personal perspective, Dr. Weiss will shed light on the questions that many have.

A board-certified General Surgeon and board-certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Dr. Weiss attended Davidson College in North Carolina where he received a BS in Chemistry, graduating with special honors. He went on to attend the College of Medicine at Duke University and completed residencies in Plastic Surgery at the University of Miami; General Surgery at the University of California in San Francisco and General Surgery at the University of California, Davis-East Bay.

Having attended Duke on a Naval scholarship, Dr. Weiss entered the United States Navy upon graduation and spent 12 years serving his country. As a Commander, he was named Chief of Plastic Surgery, at the Naval Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida where he remained until leaving the military in 1998. He then opened his own private practice in the Jacksonville area where he continues to serve patients each day.

“When my youngest son was found to be on the autistic spectrum, I began to dive in to research and really look at the best therapies that might help him,” said Dr. Weiss. “When they began discovering and discussing stem cells in the late 80’s, I really felt that this could be a healer for him if we could just harness their power. At the time though, there wasn’t enough information and it was all very controversial so I just continued to watch the research and keep up with it over the years.”

Many years down the road, Dr. Weiss had a colleague who was hit by a vehicle while riding his bike and suffered extreme injuries resulting in chronic pain. He began treatment with stem cells and was finding relief in just a matter of weeks. At this same time, Dr. Weiss’s wife was learning about stem cell therapy being offered at Duke University and in Panama and through research and watching incredible stories of healing unfold before their eyes, he and his wife began to know that soon his calling would be to bring this healing therapy to their son and his patients.

“In time, I formed a relationship with a lab that I felt was the most reliable. My wife and I made a trip out to inspect their facility, just to make sure that it was legitimate and state of the art. We found them to be exceptional,” said Dr. Weiss. “From their methods of obtaining the core blood stem cells all the way down to their shipping methods, they were truly at the top. So, we moved forward with helping our patients through use of stem cell therapy.”

Dr. Weiss finds that stem cell therapy has a profound impact on those suffering from autism, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ALS and many other auto-immune disorders. Additionally, he finds stem cell therapy useful in plastic surgery, heart conditions, recovery from stroke and heart attacks, arthritis and much more.

“There are so many health benefits that can come from the use of stem cells as a therapy,” said Dr. Weiss. “In the upcoming webinar, I will explain the benefit of umbilical cord stem cells, what they do, the various types and how they are harvested and used. I’ll also discuss the therapeutic benefits and what physicians can do right now to help their patients.”

Dr. Weiss has not been without challenges over the years, as he implemented this new therapy. As a physician with a full schedule, introducing a new modality has been time consuming and has meant he occasionally has to let other therapies go to begin a new one. Additionally, the treatment is not inexpensive or covered by insurance so providing the treatment to those who need it most has often been a frustrating challenge to overcome.

Like most physicians though, he sees himself as a healer who truly wants to see his patients get better. For that reason, he pushes forward making time for continued education and making room in his schedule to bring health and wellness to those who depend on him.

When not at work, Dr. Weiss and his family enjoy fishing, traveling and being on the beach. Additionally, he volunteers with “Hands Healing Hearts” participating in annual medical missions to South America performing reconstructive surgery for children with birth defects.

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