An Interview With Bryan Sconyers


For Bryan Sconyers, LMT, helping others comes naturally and his passion for health and wellness can be felt the minute you meet him.

At just sixteen months old, Bryan was vaccine injured and his world was turned upside down by autism. His parents searched for answers through traditional medicine and when none could be found they took matters in to their own hands. Bryan’s father left his job in health care and obtained a Naturopathic Doctorate degree from Trinity School of Natural Health. He and his wife then put their education and knowledge together to help their son recover.

After facing and overcoming this health crisis, Bryan was left with a deep desire to help others as they walk through similar situations. He attended Ouachita Baptist University where he obtained a B.A. in Kinesiology and now he continually pushes himself to learn all that he can to bring health and wellness to his clients.

As a Licensed Massage Therapist specializing in cranial sacral work, he uses his giftedness to help clients regain use of limbs, decrease chronic debilitating pain and think more clearly. He is also certified in neurofeedback and EEG which are instrumental in working with learning disabilities of all ages. Additionally, Bryan uses a unique approach to pain and injury with the Equiscope device. The Equiscope is a painless, calming non-invasive therapy that normalizes and relaxes damaged tissue, allowing the body to return to homeostasis and heal itself.

Bryan is also a certified trainer for Live02, which specializes in exercise with oxygen, and he is able to incorporate this modality with his other therapies to create a unique and personal protocol benefiting the clients. An athlete himself, Bryan understand the demands many put on their bodies and is able to work with all ages in improving their health or recovering from injury using the Live02 approach.

His personal experience gives him a unique understanding of what autistic children face and allows him to work patiently with them and their parents, often making progress when others cannot. With a gentle spirit, Bryan is a calming influence on children and adults who come to see him. What could have been a detriment in his life, he has used as a gift from God to place in him in position of ministry to those who need an advocate in their life.

When Bryan is not in the clinic working with clients, he enjoys spending time with his family, being near the lake, riding bikes and working out. His wife, Ashlyn, is a registered nurse and is currently working on her Master of Science in Nursing. They have two young children and they enjoy being outside together as a family whenever possible.

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