An Interview With Dr. Anita Kyle

When you sit down to visit with Anita Kyle, you can’t help but catch her zest for life and enthusiasm for helping others. As a teenager, she placed herself in positions that would allow her to support those in need. Volunteering as a candy striper at local hospitals and serving at the YMCA, were just a few of the ways she found to extend her caring spirit to others. In fact, when you look at the events of her life, you can see exactly how God brought her to the place she is today, allowing her to use her strengths to make an impact on countless lives.

Originally from Chicago, Kyle moved with her family to Arizona when she was young and remained there until her mom passed away. With life turned upside down and looking different than she ever expected, Kyle had to dig deep to keep a positive attitude and maintain forward progress.

“My grandparents bought property in Arizona when I was a young girl and they reached out to family asking who would like to move there and take care of the place. My mom volunteered and so we packed up and moved to Arizona,” said Kyle. “At 18, my world was turned upside down when my mom was diagnosed with Lupus and died very quickly at the young age of 42. Here I was just starting out in college, I was a cheerleader and trying to decide what I would do in life and all of the sudden it was just me, my 14 year old sister and our step-dad. So, my grandparents drove down to Arizona, picked us up and we went back to Chicago to live with them.”

Through family support and determination, Kyle went on to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and spent 32 years in the media profession. She worked for a high profile advertising agency representing executives and sports clients across the country and achieved tremendous success. However, as is common with the corporate world, Anita experienced two layoffs in a short amount of time and this left her feeling vulnerable and considering a career change. After encouragement, by those who knew her best and recognized her strengths as a mentor, she re-discovered her passion and purpose and stepped in to the new world of emotional health and wellness.

“I was given the chance to shift my perception and turn road blocks in to stepping stones which has allowed me to have a career that I’m so passionate about,” said Kyle. “I had the tremendous opportunity to train and work with Dr. Cowden and have him personally teach me his protocols. He encouraged me to pursue certification in Zyto EVOX and Recall Healing through ACIM which has opened the doors for me to connect with so many people.”

Making the switch from the corporate world to private practice has not been without its challenges and Kyle has been pushed outside of her comfort zone at times. From learning the technology to explaining how it works, Kyle has found her own way of helping her clients get the most from the emotional balance work.

“There is great benefit to counseling and therapy and I definitely place value on those modalities,” said Kyle. “But one of the things I feel is so beneficial about the Evox is the report that is generated which gives the client a timeline and visible patterns that they can work with. I love watching the clients experience that release moment, that point when we have a breakthrough and they can feel it. When they release I release and it is joyful for me as well.”

Kyle will be taking the stage at ACIM’s Favorite Integrative Tools Conference in Orlando this November where she will share her story of turning road blocks in to stepping stones. In her presentation she will share how Evox therapy can provide insight in to health and wellness and how just one session can educate, balance and empower patients with an overflow of abundance – physically, mentally, spiritually and socially. She also hopes to encourage practitioners to make use of the Evox system as a tool for growing their business while providing a significant modality that will improve the overall health and well-being of their patients.

Kyle loves life and lives it to the fullest! When she isn’t in the clinic helping others, she can be found shopping, traveling, dancing or taking in a sporting event. She participates in football pools, watches her boys play basketball and spends time with her husband who is a firefighter.

“I love connecting with people of all types of ethnic backgrounds, varied faiths and different walks of life,” said Kyle. “Empowering them to be the absolute best version of themselves is exciting to me and I feel very blessed to have the chance to put all of the tools I’ve been given, together, to make an impact on the people I meet.”

To learn more about Anita Kyle and the services she offers, visit her website at Don’t miss the chance to hear her in person at the Favorite Integrative Tools Conference November 14th – 16th. Visit to register today.

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