An Interview With Dr. Chris Shade


Dr. Chris Shade was born in an industrial toxic steel town in eastern Pennsylvania not far from the New Jersey line. He watched as his health and the health of others was affected by the toxicity in the community and then he set out on a mission to combat those problems.

The son of a college professor, Dr. Shade grew up in an academic home and knew his way around research and education, so the process to seek answers came natural to him. He attended Lehigh University in his hometown of Bethlehem studying environmental science.

“I had always been a science and math guy but while I was studying for my bachelor’s degree I had a bit of a crisis of faith in science,” said Dr. Shade. “I was seeing that these environmental scientists weren’t really solving problems. I started seeing that most of what is the business of environmental science is just trying to patch little spills from industry and not really solving problems so I left there and went in to organic agriculture.”

At that point Dr. Shade began studying sustainable agriculture and looking at an integrative consideration of ecology, geology, hydrology and other systems working together to create a healthy soil, producing healthy food. After learning more about organic agriculture, Dr. Shade returned to school and earned his Ph.D. looking at metals in the environment through the lenses of the interweaving influences he had studied. Upon graduation, he received a patent on testing that separates different forms of mercury and began applying the process to the world of integrative medicine. He went on to develop Quicksilver Scientific, formed first around testing for mercury and then on to a method of detoxing it out.

“In developing the Quicksilver approach, we had to create a good delivery system for getting glutathione in to the body because people who get sick just can’t synthesize enough and you have to get it in direct but IV wasn’t really working,” said Dr. Shade. “That was when we came across liposomes. We had seen bad use of liposomes but then we learned about good use of liposomes and the nanotechnology involved in making those and we soon became known as the company that makes the delivery systems such as Nano-glutathione, Nano-CBD or anything in between. Those then became the tools for executing these detoxification systems but are also tools that can be used independently for other purposes in an integrative medicine office.”

Now, Dr. Shade spends his time overseeing the new product discovery at Quicksilver Scientific as well as overseeing the many employees that make up the company. He remains as the visionary for Quicksilver and spends time communicating that vision to the sales and marketing staff, making sure that the culture in hiring is consistent with how he likes to treat employees as well as spending time with research and development and traveling to lecture or conduct interviews several times a month.

Early on, the greatest challenge that Dr. Shade faced was obtaining the financing to develop the company and product that he believed in and then later continuing to have support for moving to the next level. The effort has been worth it though as now, years later, he continues to hear success stories from those who use the Quicksilver products and see results where other attempts have failed.

“Your greatest successes are helping people and when you hear from those who have been struggling for years and then find relief with our products it is amazing. It is also wonderful to see regular doctors beginning to embrace this process and implement these products in to their practices,” said Dr. Shade. “It’s my nature to want to help people and I wouldn’t be myself if I was doing anything different so I just have to be myself and the rest of the process rolls.”

When not in the office overseeing the company or out speaking to colleagues and audiences, Dr. Shade enjoys spending time with his wife and kids. They enjoy cooking together, traveling some together as well as working together on building the company that they all believe in.

“When I was growing up I didn’t really know the nature of the business so it is fun to have my family pretty hands on Quicksilver,” said Dr. Shade. “The kids ask about employees, our 17-year old wants to take over the business, my wife handles the consults that come in and the design work so we sort of live the company but they all appreciate the hard work that goes in to building something.”

Quicksilver Scientific is located in Lafayette, Colorado in the beautiful area outside of Boulder. The company is committed to educating people on the detoxification process and they provide countless hours of informative webinars on their YouTube channel with topics including detoxification, directionality of liver function, the autonomic nervous system, brain health, etc.

For more information about Dr. Shade and the Quicksilver Scientific approach visit their website at

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