An Interview With Dr. Cliff Fetters

As a junior in high school Cliff Fetters was staring graduation in the face and knew that he needed to decide what career he would pursue. He decided the best option for finding direction was to shadow a few of the men in his life and so he set out on a mission to do just that.

“My dad was a dentist so I spent some time in his clinic observing but pretty quickly decided that wasn’t for me,” said Dr. Fetters. “I had some friends whose father was a doctor and so I shadowed him and found that he seemed to really love what he did. The doctors seemed to have time for work and play and felt like they were making a difference. So, since I loved biology and not much else, I decided I could put that passion to work for me and pursue medicine.”

Fetters went on to attend Indiana State University and then completed his family practice residency at Fort Wayne Medical Education. In 1988 he moved to Carmel, Indiana and began practicing traditional medicine with Family Physicians of Carmel.

“I will never forget the words that my senior partner shared with me on the day he was leaving for retirement,” said Dr. Fetters. “He told me that he had been in practice for over 30 years and had come to the realization that medicine is not the answer to health care. He told me then that he didn’t know what the answer was but that he hoped I would work diligently to find it.”

From that point forward Dr. Fetters began pursuing alternative, holistic practices that he could incorporate into his clinical environment. He became connected with physicians leading the way in alternative therapies, became a member of ACIM and began making the change to a more holistic viewpoint. In 2006 he parted ways with his traditional physician partners and opened Health and Wellness of Carmel fulfilling a dream of providing holistic, functional medicine for the patients who trusted their care to him.

While his new vision of caring for patients has changed and is incredibly rewarding, Dr. Fetters admits that the transition has not been without challenges.

“Financially the change was catastrophic,” said Dr. Fetters. “Thankfully I was able to use investments to help me get off the ground. Insurance doesn’t cover most therapies that I offer but those patients looking outside of traditional medicine understand the value of a holistic practitioner and they are willing to pay more for quality care. People come to see me and I give them hope. It’s depressing and demeaning to be told you have to stay on medication forever so when I work to get them off prescription drugs they are happy and feel empowered.”

Now, you can find Dr. Fetters in his clinic offering services such as well child exams, wellness physicals, genetics analysis, Zyto scans, lymphatic drainage, Equiscope, brain mapping and treatment, Evox sessions, Emotion Code, advanced cancer treatments, IV therapy, umbilical cord stem cells, exosomes, Lyme treatment as well as leading the way in treating and often reversing severe degenerative diseases such as ALS, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

When he isn’t busy working or conducting research, he enjoys spending time with his wife and four children, snow skiing, snow-boarding, wake boarding, hiking and most anything outdoors.

“I love what I get to do now and I look forward to going to work,” said Dr. Fetters. “People are getting well, they are seeing improvements and that makes them happy which makes me happy and my nurses are happy too. Pharmaceuticals never made sense to me and so once I became enlightened it was so empowering. The body is always smarter than the drug!”

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