An Interview with Doug Kaufmann


Often the most unlikely circumstances can lead us to our destiny and for Doug Kaufmann, that may have very well been the case. Drafted out of college in 1968, Kaufmann set out for boot camp in San Diego and spent time in medical training, much like a nurse would go through, and then set out for Vietnam as a hospital corpsman. Kaufmann served from 1970-1971 and then returned home sick, frustrated and needing answers.

“When I returned from Vietnam I was 21 years old and I was having some very bizarre and horrible symptoms,” said Kaufmann. “Some years later, I worked for a doctor at USC Medical School and he said ‘you know you were in Vietnam, it’s probably a parasite.’ I thought he was on to something so I began studying parasitology.”

As Kaufmann worked to find answers for his own health issues, he found answers for others as well. He spent time learning about the nature of parasites, how they enter the body, the affects they can have and how we feed them. After in depth study of what fungi eat, he developed the first ever antifungal diet and began helping people move to a healthier lifestyle.

“When I developed the diet, I was working in a clinic in LA,” said Kaufmann. “I became acquainted with a physician in Dallas and he asked me to come to Texas and work with him in his dermatology clinic and so I did that and between the two of us we used the antifungal diet to starve out the parasites along with blood stream and gut antifungals to kill them.”

Fast forward and now you will find Kaufmann hosting his popular show Know the Cause along with Facebook live spots, YouTube videos and much more. You will also find him this November at the Practitioner’s Brain Regeneration Conference as an ACIM featured speaker.

Kaufmann’s topic, Brain Hacking, will walk attendees through the link between fungus and brain disorders focusing especially on mycotoxin induced brain hacking.

“Mycotoxins are poisons and we have recognized about 1,000 of them made by certain fungi,” said Kaufmann. For example, Penicillin is a poison made by the mold, Penicillium, it kills small organisms in small doses. However, in larger doses Penicillin is now linked to the five leading causes of cancer. Another mold is brewer’s yeast and ethanol or alcohol is the mycotoxin that it makes. So, we are commonly exposing ourselves to antibiotics and alcohol, both of which are known neurotoxins and the culmination of that, I believe, is a lifetime of neurological damage leading to diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, senile dementia, etc.”

At the upcoming conference, Kaufmann plans to talk with not only the practitioner’s present but also the lay public about how we commonly expose ourselves to these neurotoxins that induce brain disorders. He also will discuss the dietary components and helps those in attendance learn to identify, treat and reverse neurodegeneration utilizing antifungal medications, foods and dietary supplements.

“I’m a blessed guy who gets in front of 250,000 people every day on television and teaches but nothing beats sitting in a room full of physicians. I’ve long said that if you give a physician a fish he eats for a day but if you teach him about fungus he helps solve his patient’s problems,” said Kaufmann. “I also enjoy these events because I have the chance to speak to the lay public and they leave with one word, hope, because they’ve never been told that their neurological condition could be helped. When I teach them about feeding fungi and making it worse or that they have to eat what fungus doesn’t, the world becomes their oyster, they smile and leave feeling hopeful.”

To learn more about how you can hear Doug Kaufmann along with other leading integrative practitioners at the upcoming Brain Regeneration Conference click here.

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