An Interview with Dr. Rhett Bergeron

It was mid-way through medical school when Dr. Rhett Bergeron knew he wanted to be more than just a traditional doctor. A student at LSU, Dr. Bergeron had spent his first two years learning about the long and grueling list of health conditions and their pharmaceutical remedies. A disease mindset coupled with a pharmaceutical mindset, the education he was receiving had him feeling discouraged about the course he was on. As he moved in to his third year of school, he felt a tugging on his heart that there had to be a better way and he made the determination to find it.

“I suffered a mid-med school crisis,” laughs Bergeron. “Being educated on illness and pharmaceuticals that often carry with them interactions and complications caused me to worry about my effectiveness to be a real doctor. I knew there had to be a different way so I prayed and told God that he had to show me what he wanted me to do.”

God always answers prayers and it wasn’t long until Dr. Bergeron was handed a series of cassette tapes from a friend at church. These tapes were of a Christian chiropractor who addressed the idea that the body is designed for wellness and that it can be well if it has the opportunity to detox and is given the nutrients that it needs while being supported with health and wellness therapies. This new insight set Bergeron along a course that would change his approach to medicine and allow him to live out his calling like never before.

As he finished up medical school and completed his internship in Pediatrics and Internal Medicine, he began to seek out integrative practitioners and began learning about functional medicine. He soaked up all that he could learn from others by attending seminars and classes on nutrition and detoxification led by knowledgeable physicians. He has studied in clinics across the country and around the world and since 1996 has been on the journey of connecting with his patients and helping them along their way to improved health and wellness in all areas, physical, emotional and spiritual.

“The greatest challenge that I feel I face as a physician is to practice medicine with the highest professional standards with an even higher level of consciousness that I do this work before God,” said Bergeron. “There is so much to learn, so many different modalities available and to be able to seek those out, discern which ones work the best, dodge the politics and put it all together in one facility for my patients is a big challenge but one that I truly hope to achieve.”

When he isn’t seeing patients, or continuing his knowledge of new modalities and wellness therapies, he enjoys music, physical exercise and hiking, leading at his church and studying theology. A member of ACIM for eight years, Bergeron attends conferences and workshops when possible and feels that ACIM has been a blessing to him in his growth as an integrative practitioner.

“In my opinion ACIM is the most comprehensive, most integrated and most balanced medical forum in the country if not the world,” said Bergeron. “They have the best spirit of true compassion, love, respect and humility I’ve seen with these types of organizations and they truly have a vision of how to influence the culture and train medical students in integrative ideas and practices.”

Currently Dr. Bergeron operates Real Health Medical in Atlanta, Georgia. He specializes in functional oncology, immune system support, detoxification, ozone therapy, regenerative stem cell therapy, chelation, addiction and brain recovery, neurofeedback, bio-identical hormone replacement and much more. He is in the process of opening two other clinics in the Atlanta area and is excited to expand and continue meeting patients where they are in their health needs.

To learn about Dr. Bergeron, his heart for honoring God, serving others and bringing health and wellness to his patients, visit his website at

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