Heart Brain Hotline with Dr. Stephen Sinatra


At a time when brain health is at the forefront of concerns and neurological disorders are on the rise, Dr. Stephen Sinatra is looking at all aspects of disease and pushing patients to consider what life-style choices may be doing to their bodies.

Board-certified in Cardiology and Internal Medicine, Dr. Sinatra has spent 40 years connecting the dots for patients with heart health concerns. A 1972 graduate of Albany School of Medicine, Sinatra has experienced a wide range of health situations over the years and he is the first to admit that from the beginning to now, his thoughts and approaches have changed tremendously. “When I first started out I was just like everyone else and I believed in a paradigm of pharmaceutical therapy,” said Dr. Sinatra.

“When I was 31 years old and in private practice I had the unique opportunity, through a patient of mine, to visit by phone with a 91-year old man from Holland who said he had cured himself of coronary artery disease through a series of vitamins and mineral supplements. This man had such a profound impact on me that I immediately began looking in to diet and nutrition to find if this was actually possible.”

That single encounter set Sinatra on a path that would shape and mold his future as a physician and create a new way of advocating for his patients. He began to look at the connection between illness and emotions, nutritional deficiencies as cause of disease and, as technology has advanced, the influence electronics and electromagnetic frequencies have on the body. Now, as an Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine Dr. Sinatra integrates psychological, nutraceutical and electroceutical therapies in the matrix of healing.

In Orlando, Dr. Sinatra will present his findings on cellular vibration as the essence of life. He will speak on illnesses such as heart disease, brain disorders and cancers as they are related to the vibratory state of cellular function. He will dive in to destructive and constructive frequencies that permeate the environments we live in including natural radiation, wireless frequencies and manmade EMFs and how these invisible frequencies of energy affect biological systems and how even simple cell phone radiation can alter brain activity as well as the blood/brain barrier.

“The heart and the brain are very sophisticated organs but they are also the most susceptible organs in the body and therefore they are most affected by these invisible frequencies,” said Sinatra. “The frequencies can’t be seen, touched or tasted but they are there and they can be very harmful.”

During the Brain Regeneration Conference Dr. Sinatra will address topics such as:

  • Defining the relationship between EMF and the brain
  • Describing the benefits of grounding in the human body
  • Investigating the pillars of health that will increase vibrational energy

Sinatra hopes that through his lecture those present will begin to embrace this school of thought and that he will be able to help them think about the affects our lifestyle and our technology can have on our health. He also hopes to stress the importance of protecting the unborn and the newborn from these harmful frequencies that we embrace as normal and safe.

“The problem with being a medical doctor is that it takes decades to understand the nature of illness and to wrap our minds around the most vital way to fix people. We have to embrace the emotional, physical and spiritual aspects,” said Sinatra. “Despite the fact that I’ve been lecturing on invisible vibrations for over a decade and there is sufficient research to support the findings, there is also research against it and I know there will be those that are new to this thought or who won’t want to accept it. My hope is to not just point out the problem but to talk about ways that we can be productive without being self-destructive,”

Dr. Sinatra is a board-certified cardiologist and an Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine in Farmington, Connecticut. He is certified as a bioenergetic psychotherapist, and nutrition and anti-aging specialist, He is the founder of www.heartmdinstitute.com, an informational website dedicated to promoting public awareness of integrative medicine as well as vervana.com. Dr. Sinatra is a fellow in the American College of Cardiology and the American College of Nutrition. Dr. Sinatra’s latest book, co-authored with Tommy Rosa, is Health Revelations from Heaven and Earth.

“I look forward to the Orlando conference each year as it brings an opportunity for me to learn and grow from some of the most evolved physicians in the country,” said Sinatra. “I have sat in on lectures by Dr. Lee Cowden for over 25 years and feel I have grown from knowing him and those who are associated with him. I’m excited to be involved in the conference not only as a presenter but also as a participant.”

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