An interview with Dr. Michelle Schrader


Dr. Michelle Schrader set out in life to help others. With a bachelor’s degree in social work, a master’s degree in psychology and a heart for those living in traumatic environments, she went to work with high hopes of making a positive impact. Shortly after beginning her career, she had witnessed so much loss and so many deeply wounded children that she knew she would never be able to make this her life’s work for the long haul.

Soon, she took a job teaching at a Catholic high school and managed to complete a master’s degree in religious studies. Over time, she found Recall Healing and ultimately obtained her doctorate in Mind-Body Medicine, began leading workshops and helping people find health and wellness by getting to the source of the problem.

“When I started the program to obtain my master’s in psychology I started to realize that all of it was based on theory,” said Dr. Schrader. “It was what I had dreamed of my entire life but I began to think ‘oh my gosh, this is all theory, no wonder people don’t really get well’ and so that was when I began to look at other training that I could use to promote wellness.”

Now, Dr. Schrader spends her days leading workshops and teaching people the basic tools and how to use them to help themselves live healthy and whole lives. She refers to her work as education because while it is therapeutic, it is not therapy. For Dr. Schrader, it is more a process of mentoring and coaching while teaching individuals how to find the source of their illness and access their internal wisdom for self-care and transformation.

At the upcoming Practitioner’s Brain Regeneration Conference in Orlando, Dr. Schrader will have the opportunity to address the practitioners and the lay public as she shares the need to find the emotional connection to brain degeneration and the steps that can be taken for improvement. Attendees can expect to enjoy a review of Recall Healing Principles, and an explanation of various brain illnesses and issues. The presentation will enable individuals to obtain a deeper understanding of the core conflicts that surround a diagnosis of autism and brain tumors or even ALS, Parkinson’s and learning disabilities.

“What’s so cool about Recall Healing is that when you find “the story” or “the stories” it changes the dynamics of the brain. It changes the program,” said Dr. Schrader. “So then, what was once thought of as incurable is now curable.”

Dr. Schrader believes that practitioner’s and individuals will be able to leave her presentations with a deeper understanding that there is always a reason and a root cause of illness and how they can ask the right questions to find that root cause and then help shift a person’s physiology. She truly believes that physicians will be able to walk away with a sense of hope for their patients and the lay public will walk away with hope for themselves.

“All day every day, no matter what shows up, I am constantly putting in to practice what I have learned. I use every opportunity to look at myself, look at my family and determine where I can better my best, “said Dr. Schrader. “This is what I love to do for the people I work with. I love to help them learn the tools, help them understand how the tools work and how they can apply them to change their lives.”

As for how Dr. Schrader feels about the opportunity to present at the conference, she is excited and honored. She has a passion for helping others and it only takes a few moments of listening to her to understand that she truly loves what she gets to do.

“I honestly feel like this work is my calling and I believe that the work I am doing is God’s work,” said Dr. Schrader. “Dr. Cowden gets that and ACIM understands that and so working with them is just such a huge honor and privilege. Spending time at a conference such as this is truly like spending time with family.”

Dr. Schrader is the founder and owner of Soul Tree Transformations, a mind body medicine practice in Covina, California. She is a member of the scientific advisory board for Recall Healing International, a facilitator of Recall Healing and a researcher of Recall Healing and mind-body medicine. She is certified through the Center for Mind Body Medicine and holds certificates in Neuro-emotional Technique and Neuro-linguistic Programming. She is a wife, a mother of three and a grandmother of four

To learn more about how you can hear Dr. Schrader along with other leading integrative practitioners at the upcoming Practitioner’s Brain Regeneration Conference click here.

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