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An Interview With Dr. Cliff Fetters

As a junior in high school Cliff Fetters was staring graduation in the face and knew that he needed to decide what career he would pursue. He decided the best option for finding direction was to shadow a few of the men in his life and so he set out on a mission to do just that.

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An Interview with Dr. James Lemire & Nuris Lemire

When you visit with Dr. James and Nuris Lemire, you can’t help but pick up their enthusiasm for life, their relationship, their clinic and the world. Always striving to make a difference, you can find the Lemire’s caring for patients of all ages, volunteering with the homeless or sending boxes of school supplies to countries stricken with poverty and violence.

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An Interview With Dr. John Thorp

When you sit down with John Thorp, you might want to buckle up and hold on tight because the story of his life is a fun ride. As you listen to his journey you will find yourself hang gliding in Hawaii, working as a stunt double for CBS or standing in the winner’s circle at the Kentucky Derby. Thorp’s story is one of adventure, success, injury, determination, recovery and faith and it all comes together to bring him to the place where he is today.

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